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Hello, my name is Francis and this is my auto accessories blog. Last year, I purchased a vintage camper van. I had always dreamt of owning a camper van so I could drive around Australia, exploring the towns, cities and the countryside. However, when I finally took ownership of the van, I quickly realised why it had been for sale at such a low price. The van was missing a lot of accessories such as the original gear stick, the wing mirrors and the seat covers. Thankfully, my friend who is an auto expert, taught me how to find the perfect accessories for the van.




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Finding the Right Auto Accessories

Two Steps To Take if You Want Your Car To Perform Better

by Roger Jackson

If you're not fully satisfied with the performance of your car, you should not go out and purchase a lot of expensive, performance-improving accessories (like chassis bracing, for instance). Instead, you should take the steps outlined below.

Use a dyno tuning service

First and foremost, you should take your car to a mechanic who specialises in dyno tuning; this is a process by which a mechanic can greatly improve a vehicle's fuel economy, horsepower and general road performance.

If you take your car to a mechanic for a dyno tuning session, the mechanic will use a dynamometer to assess your car's engine's power level. This piece of technology recreates a variety of different road conditions and then measures the performance of the engine as it is used in these conditions. Based on the results of their testing, the mechanic will then begin to finetune your car by, for example, adjusting the ratio of air to fuel.

The improvements in your car's road performance that these adjustments create could make all the difference to how comfortable and easy your vehicle is to drive. The improvement in horsepower that comes from dyno tuning could also make overtaking on busy roads safer, as you'll be able to pick up speed faster.  

Consider getting a roof rack if you travel with heavy items regularly

After you've used a dyno tuning service, you should notice a dramatic improvement in your car's performance. However, there might be another step you could take to make your car even more enjoyable to drive. If for example, you regularly travel with hefty items in your car boot, you might want to pick up a roof rack.

The reason for this is that travelling with a lot of heavyweight items in just one area of your vehicle (i.e., your boot) could result in your back tyres, and the suspension components in this area, wearing out faster than their counterparts at the front of the vehicle. This could affect the vehicle's handling and make the experience of being a passenger in the backseat of your car quite bumpy and unpleasant. The unevenly-distributed weight at the very back of your car might also make going uphill quite difficult. As such, if you want to be able to fully enjoy the road performance-enhancing effects of the dyno tuning, you should get a roof rack and distribute your heavy items across its surface as evenly as you can. This will prevent some of your tyres or sections of your suspension system from wearing out faster than others, and should also make driving uphill with these heavy items a little easier.