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Hello, my name is Francis and this is my auto accessories blog. Last year, I purchased a vintage camper van. I had always dreamt of owning a camper van so I could drive around Australia, exploring the towns, cities and the countryside. However, when I finally took ownership of the van, I quickly realised why it had been for sale at such a low price. The van was missing a lot of accessories such as the original gear stick, the wing mirrors and the seat covers. Thankfully, my friend who is an auto expert, taught me how to find the perfect accessories for the van.



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Finding the Right Auto Accessories

Wash Your Neoprene Car Seat Covers Properly With These Pointers

by Roger Jackson

If there is one place that really makes a statement about your car, then it is the interior. A well-kept interior, no matter how old the car maybe, adds so much value to your car and you can reap a good reward out of it when selling to a second-hand owner. Neoprene seat covers are very reliable when you need to keep your car seats in good condition. The material is manufactured using a stable chemical used to make wet suits. It is both durable and comfortable with very few demands in terms of maintenance. All you need to do is wash them properly with these simple pointers in mind:

Special Care Instructions

Before you start washing your neoprene seat covers, you must go through the manual or tags on the seat for any special cleaning instructions. Some neoprene covers are laced with additives and other utilities depending on their specific use. For instance, some manufacturers coat their neoprene seat covers with non-flammable products to optimise safety for babies in case of an emergency. Some also come with straps and buckles to regulate children's movements when they are in the car. On that note, you should look out for any special instructions forbidding the use of a certain cleaning agent, heat or stiff brush.

Beat Out the Seat Cover

Before you introduce the seat cover into the washing machine, shake it out to get rid of overhanging dirt and debris. You can also beat it gently to remove large debris, pet hair and other solid waste. While doing this, the debris might end up on your car's floor and necessitate some more cleaning. Therefore, cover the floor with some pieces of old newspaper or polythene so that all the debris will end up outside the car.

Dealing with Tough Stains

Tough stains can also find their way on your seat covers. Ordinary cleaning may not be enough to take them out. You must pre-treat the seat before putting it in the machine. Ideally, you should wet the stained area generously with citrus-based cleaning solutions, let the material absorb the cleaning solution then carry out the normal cleaning process. In some cases, pre-treating the stain with ordinary detergents can work.

The best way to deal with stains is to keep them from setting. When something spills on them, wipe the cover immediately with clean water and a mild detergent if possible.  

Dealing with Pet Hair

Pet hair stuck in the material should be removed using a statically charged cloth or lint brush. Pet hair isn't good for your washing machine.