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Finding the Right Auto Accessories

Hello, my name is Francis and this is my auto accessories blog. Last year, I purchased a vintage camper van. I had always dreamt of owning a camper van so I could drive around Australia, exploring the towns, cities and the countryside. However, when I finally took ownership of the van, I quickly realised why it had been for sale at such a low price. The van was missing a lot of accessories such as the original gear stick, the wing mirrors and the seat covers. Thankfully, my friend who is an auto expert, taught me how to find the perfect accessories for the van.



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Finding the Right Auto Accessories


Understanding Your Vehicle's Camshaft

You might have heard people talk of getting camshaft kits and camshaft packages to improve their engine performance. For those who have no clue what a camshaft is, you are in the right place. What Is an Engine Camshaft? Your engine has multiple parts that help in its performance. The camshaft is one of these components. Other important components are the intake and exhaust valves. Intake valves open to allow a mixture of air and fuel into the engine for combustion.